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  • 07th  New Khmer Academic Year 2015-2016

IEL International School is a private school that has been recognized by the Ministry of Education Youth and Sports of Cambodia since June, 2003. It was an International English Language Institute and later has become an International school since July, 2007 offering Kindergarten Program, Primary School, Secondary School and General English Program.

IEL International School strongly believes that education is important for national and global development; therefore, it should be available to all students regardless of race, religion, economic status, gender, intellectual uniqueness or any other individual differences, unless such differences interfere with the rights of others. Through integrated national and international curriculum, each student should have the opportunity to acquire the skills, knowledge and attitudes to secure his/her own well-being and contribute with competence and responsibility.
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  • IEL international School gonna held on Christmas Celebration and Happy New Year 2015 on the other hand have: 1. IEL Students Performance 2. Lucky Draw 3. Diner ...
  • To reserve your place on a course please visit the IEL office at the address Building B03-B11, St. 70, Sangkat Sraas Chak, Khan Daun Phen, Cambodia. No appointm...
  • Dear teacher, staff and students, We would like to inform you that the school will be closed on Wednesday, October 29, 2014 due to the King Coronation. All c...
What Students Say

A speech by Rey Ratha for the year-end ceremony 2013-2014
My name is Rey Ratha, I’m one of the students who has completed my last year in high school, grade 12th.

Firs of all, I would like to pay my utmost respect to the director and the directress of IEL, the teachers, and my fellow students who are present at this ceremony.

Today I feel exhilarated and proud that IEL International School is holding this year-end event to mark the graduation of students having completed their all-year-long courses at IEL.

I, representing the 12th grade students who have finished our high school education from IEL, would like to say a few words.

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